The Gospel Pertaining to the Mentally Disturbed

When I began this work I had hoped that it would bring hope and joy and peace to those who suffer from grave mental disorders. Others have been attempting to do that work for a long time. Many have succeeded in delivering those with mental torment from demonic possession, infirmities of heart, mind, soul and strength and from the corruptions of indwelling sin within those now loosely grouped together as “mentally ill.”

I cannot, by any reasonable measure, hope to add to their work here, though I shall nevertheless endeavour to do so out of duty of faith, hope and love.

Many also attempt to help those with what they term “mental illness” through the use of worldly counselling, the technologies of the modern age of darkness and through the pharmateutica of medications and sorceries which work through untested and unproven methods and have yet been proved to further great distresses in forms of addiction and bodily dysfunction.

I have told you this not because that is Good News. The word Gospel literally means Good News. There is one Gospel. It is the Gospel of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who came to save sinners.

This Jesus is the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary and who lived in perfectly righteous life, offending none except those whose own self-righteousness precluded them from partaking in his free gift of life. These men conspired to have him killed and he was crucified under the Roman governor Pontius Pilate. On the third day he rose again to life, being seen by many witnesses and proving himself through many indisputable proofs. He then ascended into heaven and he is seated at the right hand of God the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead.
I am not a wise man nor am I a faithful servant of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am a sinner in need of mercy and grace. I believe I have received it.

I cannot willingly partake of the sorcery of modern medicine. Some in the church do not want to know me due to my unfaithfulness and my continued insistence that what I am doing is right, though not necessarily good, despite all appearances. Others flatter me and tell me untruths about my life and my situation. Some do want to know me yet they have responsibilities and duties pertaining to the Lord which they are neither able nor am I willing to distract them from.

I have been mentally ill since I was 20, following experimentation with the recreational sorceries of LSD and Ecstasy. I deserve the pain I have felt. Yet many do not.

I am here, in part, to tell any who would listen that I am rebelling against the enforced sedation, enforced incarceration and enforced indoctrination of those with mental disorders. I am doing so in liaison with those in my mental health team I know I can trust. I am endeavouring to best of my ability to honour Her Majesty the Queen and her servants under her. I am endeavouring to obey and fear the military forces employed against domestic miscreants. I am still on medication at time of writing and have little choice but to continue for a little while, despite my belief that time is running short. I am prepared, at time of writing, to die for this stand I am making.

I may die physically. I may die mentally and emotionally. I know I cannot tell people for definite that I will not face death eternal except for by the promises which I have personally received from my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the comfort and consolations I have received from the saints both in the church militant and the church triumphant. I know whom I have believed. That is sufficient for me.