Monthly Archive: March 2021

Pushing Boundaries

Note: I am working on a sub-standard device right now so this post will be short and to the point.

Have you ever been helping someone who has mental distresses and then they blow up in your face for no apparent reason? If you answered yes then you may have been surprised, shocked and even a little hurt and angry by their response.

Body Language and Tipping Points

It is important to realise that ‘tipping points’ or ‘hidden boundaries’ are hard to spot in the mentally disturbed.

Something which to you may seem like a minor remark or request may cause someone to flip into apparent aggression and you can’t fathom why.

It is important to realise that many mental health patients have learnt to be experts at hiding emotions and holding back the tears. This is because even now the weak are seen as victims to be abused or exploited rather than as actual people with real needs and skillsets.

Thus the tipping point may be hard to spot, especially as many of the mentally ill have different body language systems than the majority of the population.

Thus, confusion and distress, followed by harmed relationships, may occur.

The Solution

The only solution is for the ‘normal’ person to listen. If someone says ‘no’ it means NO! If someone says ‘Too much’ it means, guys, STOP, STEP BACK, DON’T PUSH IT.